“The most important shot in golf is the next shot”
-Ben Hogan

“I am committed to your excellence in making the next shot”

-Mike Cloutier

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We all need to have dreams. A person who has great dreams will achieve great things. We may not all be tour professionals, scratch golfers, expert golfers, or even novice golfers. Dreaming of being on Tour, playing in the Masters, beating the local Men’s League on Thursday morning, or winning the Club Championship will drive you to a better golf game.

Having fun playing golf with your friends to having a great morning walk while playing a round at sunrise in the morning, it is important to have dreams about your game.

My lesson packages are designed around your dreams, tailored to you. Each lesson and package will have my personal touch. I know deep down you want to improve and be a champion in your own mind. My packages will help you to play like the champion in your dreams.

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Dreams Come True

“The difference between a dream and fantasy is commitment” Dr. Bob Rotella

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Our future golfers
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Packages designed for junior golf progression
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