Mike's Philosophy

You obviously need help if you are coming to me. I know you want to have fun and enjoy the game. I want you to have fun and enjoy the game. I have coached all levels of golf and can guarantee that I will find a way to connect with you to help your game. If you want your junior to make the team, I will do everything I can to help that to happen. If all you want is to improve enough to have fun, I will do that for you. I promise to give you my undivided attention.

I believe in adapting your swing to your game. I promise not to change your swing (or restructure your swing) unless you want me too. I will adapt your swing to you. If you want a complete restructure I will do that. Restructure will take time and patience.

I also believe in “Staying Connected”. Staying connected is the golf swing in its simplest form. I understand it and I teach it. I have used this technique over and over, only when someone wants to rebuild their swing, with tremendous results. If you want to lower your score the quickest, I can help you do that with this philosophy of “Staying Connected”. This process is predominant on all professional tours and taught by all the Top 100 Teachers in the nation.

The way to lower your score the quickest, though, is through the short game. Learning the best way to accomplish the 100-yard shots to the 3-foot putts, is a firm belief of mine. Having studied Dave Pelz, I can give you all the best ways to improve you short game to lower your score today!

A quick fact: A par 72 is set up like this: 14 drivers, 4 fairway metal shots, 18 iron shots which equals 36 shots. Where do the other 36 shots come from: putting. If you want to lower your score without practicing any other shots, practice your putting! How many of you have spent hours hitting drivers and minutes practicing putts? How many of you consistently have three and four putts during a round of golf? Tour players average under 30 putts per round. I’ll bet you’re at 36 putts or more per round.

One more quick fact: the top players in the world average around 70% greens in regulation. That means only 70 of 100 shots hit the greens, yet every Professional on Tour plays routinely under par. Why? Because the Professionals know how to get up and down. I believe if you learn and practice your short shots from all lies including bunkers, you will lower your score two to three shots immediately.

Let me help you get there from here! Come see me for an evaluation. I promise to make your day.

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